let’s do this

All it takes is 180 days. We know, crazy fast, right?! By working hand-in-hand with our team, you can have a full-fledged business of your very own, exactly the way you’ve always envisioned it. And believe us, it’ll fly by!

get ready to go wild

When you work with us directly, our entire team will take you under our wings and build you a profitable, scalable, and sustainable business (and shape you into an equally happy and balanced businesswoman!) in just 180 days. We will be your guides through the wilderness, motivating and supporting you, advocating for you, and holding you accountable through each leg of your adventure. We’re your very own flock of business builders, and we’re fully committed to your success every step of the way – because when you kick ass in business and in life, so do we.

So take the leap and let’s get to work.

build your dream business in
180 days with our method

We know our method ruffles a lot of people’s feathers.

It goes against what most other agencies and freelancers (or people who just don’t know what you’re up against out in the wild) will say: “Just get your website up!” and “If you build it they will come,” and “Save money and call in favors,” and “Why do you need 180 days? I can do it in 30!” and “Launch with your minimum viable product.”

While that extraordinarily mediocre advice may work in the short term, we know with certainty that you need the full ecosystem of our method for real, sustainable growth and happiness. That’s why we only build businesses the Wildernest way, and only accept clients who are ready to fully commit to putting in the extra time, work, and intention to bravely build a company that will stand the test of time. We firmly stand by our method and bet the farm that when you follow our lead, by the end of 180 days you’ll have a steadfast business that will weather any storm while the shoddily constructed ones blow away in the faintest gust of wind. And the best part? We promise you that your company will be in alignment with your authentic true purpose, the lifestyle you dream of, and your wild-woman spirit. We won’t settle for anything less and neither should you.

When you work directly with us we will be right by your side every step of the way, busting our asses right beside you to create the business and life of your dreams together.

Here’s how it all goes down.

step 1


Days 1-60

Before your business can fly, you need to build yourself a fail-safe nest. We’ll guide you through building a solid foundation for your business and transforming your mindset from I can? to You bet your ass I CAN!, with our expert advice and methodology map tailored to your unique business needs. 

step 2


Days 60-140

Our highly-skilled marketing specialists, designers, and copywriters will create a stunning visual brand identity that speaks to your dream audience; write compelling copy that converts like crazy; and develop a beautiful, user-experience-focused, and wildly marketable SEO website.

step 3


Days 140-180

Our Web, Business Ownership Mindset, and Marketing teams will get you ready to introduce your business to the world and give you one-on-one training to run your website like the old-timey captain of a majestic ship – with confidence and pride and possibly an eye patch if that’s what you’re into.



We’ll help you harness your power and guide you step-by-step to build a kick-ass, profitable business and an insanely beautiful, fulfilling life.

By the end of this stage, your business will be an official legal entity. With air-tight financials. And the perfect name. And all of the personality. All tied together into a flawless business plan. You will want to date your company.

We also know that sometimes the hardest part of starting a business is just getting out of your own way and truly believing that it will work and you can do it. Rather than being your own biggest critic, we will shift your perspective so that you become your own #1 fan* (aside from us, of course).

*Disclaimer: foam finger not included.


Our design team will create a completely bespoke visual brand identity, including your logo, custom typography, brand colors, brand icon, business card design, and holy bible on how, when, and where to use it all.

Our copy and marketing teams will work together to craft badass, persuasive, impactful, and out-of-the-box copy for your website specifically tailored to your target customer and your brand voice, AND built to pass the all-important SEO test.

By the end of stage 2, you’ll have a full-blown, fully operational, fully kick-ass customized website designed with user experience at top of mind, and all the bells and whistles to convert casual viewers to loyal customers.



We’re here to empower you to run your business without us micromanaging your every move, so everything we do in this stage is intended to make sure that when you fly away from the nest, you’ll be ready for anything that flies into your path.

That means we give you all the customized templates, guides, training, and mental tips and tricks to ensure you survive your launch and can easily navigate the skies on your own.

When it’s time to level up post-launch, we’ll always be transparent about what services you may need us for (check out our Soar boosts), and which ones you should get elsewhere. We will NEVER upsell you on something non-mission critical!

Working with Wildernest was very special. They have perfected what they do by bringing together the collective power of some incredibly talented and knowledgeable women. They get you. These women speak to exactly where you need to be, and they are living by example, advocating for something they’ve been through and for a life they are already living – and that is such a powerful space to be inside and be inspired by. When you work with them, you not only have a support system, you have what feels like a nation behind you! They know how to protect you, they know how to guide you, and they know all the different components that you need to develop your business- because they’ve have had their own business sweat and tears poured in order to create and cultivate their method.

They guide and support you throughout all the different parts of this journey – the fun stuff, the hard stuff, the legal stuff, the financial stuff, the visual stuff, the writing stuff, the website stuff – the things that maybe are not your forte – and you don’t even have to worry about it all because they have the map and they hold your hand – and hold you accountable – every step of the way.

When you invest in them, you’re investing in that piece of mind – and really that is priceless.

Weam F., Therapist

Toronto, Canada

but wait, there’s more!

When you sign on to work with us you get full access to all of our resources, expertise, and high-skill services (as well as our undying love and support which is really worth just as much!) including all the ridiculously helpful and insanely valuable stuff below.

  • The full Wildernest Methodology PLUS exclusive client-only modules and exercises and real-life PRESENTS!

  • An entire squad of perky cheerleaders motivating you through the entire methodology and launch (fact: one of us actually WAS a cheerleader!)

  • The exact advice, guidance, and expertise you need, when you need it

  • 5 Compass Calls with any of our highly-skilled Wildernest Women to work through challenges

  • Option to call in the A-team post launch for tailored marketing and graphic design packs (exclusively for Wildernest Method grads)

  • The crazy cool life you’ve always wanted AND

  • The untouchable, unstoppable, unyielding, undauntable (!) attitude of a SUCCESSFUL, INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER

your investment

We don’t work like a traditional web or marketing agency because we live in the wilderness and know that traditional doesn’t work for lasting happiness and success out here in the wild. So you won’t see any á la carte services or pricing from us, and we only accept applications from courageous women who are ready to commit to building their businesses using the entire Wildernest Method. We only succeed when you do, and we can testify that you have the highest chance of success only when you follow our tried-and-true Wildernest map with the guidance of our wildly talented team of Wildernest Women.

We don’t want to see you merely survive the wilderness; we’re here to ensure you thrive – and our method is the key!

I have a service-based business,
personal brand, or blog!


all in, no hidden fees, no surprises. just a brand spankin’ new company to empower your dream life.

We offer 3, 6, and 12 month financing through Square.com, so not having all the money now won’t squash your dreams!

Learn more here

I sell stuff online!
(physical, digital, or virtual)


all in, no hidden fees, no surprises. just a full-blown badass e-commerce business of your dreams.

Yup, e-commerce stores sometimes need financing too! We offer the same payment plans as we do for our standard package.

Learn more here

I'm ready to build a BRAVE business and become a wild woman

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience working with the Wildernest team! When I quit my job and decided to open my own firm, my digital presence and how I was going to present my firm to the world was at the bottom of the things on my to-do list. I wish it hadn’t been; once I worked through the Wildernest method and ultimately got my website launched, clients and referrals began pouring in! And even though not a single one of them were lawyers, they were eager to learn all the specific regulations I had to work within as an attorney, and were able to explain my industry throughout my messaging in a way that was professional and informative but still approachable and not overly “lawyer-speak.” The women also encouraged and supported me as I learned how to live in the wilderness, and helped me start thinking of how to shift the traditional ways of running my company to suit my vision, needs, lifestyle goals, and dreams – not just to do things the way I’d been used to in my years in traditional firms. I now am running my firm, and my life, my way and it feels incredible. I plan to continue working with Wildernest as my firm evolves, and have already referred them out to several colleagues also looking to launch their companies!

Jennifer M., Attorney

Santa Monica, California

not ready?

If you aren’t ready to commit to this entire process now, we understand!
You can still DIY your business as a Solo Scout using our methodology as your map.

I'd rather di myself
If you’re worried about funding, we took care of that for you too.
We have financing available through Square.com.
Learn more here.

don’t panic!

we won’t leave you hanging after you launch.



When you reach the stage where you’re thriving in the wilderness, it’ll be time to send out the smoke signal for your target audience to find you among the trees.

While we don’t do á la carte services for our first three stages, but when you’re ready for your business soar, you’ll be able to customize your design and marketing lifts to fit your needs.



In need of more graphic design for digital, print, packaging, or even plane banner ads? We’re are here to help your business leave it’s mark all over the digital AND physical worlds. If you’re not sure what exactly you need, we can build a customized package to fit your business.
Here’s some of the cool stuff we love creating*
Packaging Design
Digital and Print Promotional Materials
Social Media and Web Graphics
Presentation Decks
make my design soar
*Our Design Boosts are available only to Wildernest Method Grads. In order for us to give you the most value, you must have a strong visual brand identity in place before adding on specialized graphic design. We can’t do graphics if you don’t have a color palette, visual brand identity, logo, etc. We know our method will give your brand a gorgeous foundation to work with.


Ready to make more friends and influence more people? We’ll create a customized plan for your brand’s unique marketing goals, empower you with the knowledge and tools you need, and guide you through the exact steps and strategies to take to the skies.
Here’s how we can help you be the It Chick*
Digital PR
Social Playbook
Content Guide
Ad Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns
make my marketing soar
*We believe in our method and know that once you’ve gone through the first three stages we can market the f@#$ out of your business, but the same doesn’t go for a brand we had no hand in building. That’s why these boosts are ONLY offered to our Wildernest Method Graduates and come only after you’ve nested, incubated, and hatched your business.

not sure which wildernest path to choose?

Book a 1-hour video call with one of us to work through an aspect of your business you’re stuck on or to discuss which Wildernest path is right for you. You can schedule your one-on-one sesh with any of our teams to access the expert advice and action-planning you need!

help me decide
**Special COVID19 crisis e-course pricing assistance**

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its global impact, we are currently completely focused on what we can do to best support each other - our community, our families, and our fellow wild women. As we all navigate this crisis, we want you to know that we’re in your corner, and we want to do our part to help you find some hope and to feel empowered as you find your way forward to a new normal. While social distancing and quarantines have many downsides, the most valuable resource we all have right now is extra time, and if we take advantage of that extra time by working hard on our dreams we all may just be able to turn some sour-ass lemons into some Beyonce-level Lemonade. And we are in a unique position to help you do just that with our Nest for Success ecourse, which helps you work through every step of laying the foundation for your dream business - culminating in the creation of your very own business plan (COVID be damned!). Our hope is that this course will help you utilize this time to truly evaluate what is possible for your future, to start thinking big, and begin laying the essential groundwork for building the company and life of your dreams when the dust of the pandemic settles.

As small business owners ourselves who have all been impacted by the crisis, we know that right now finances are scary and the future of your work may be shaky. We’ve been talking with a lot of you behind the scenes and know that many of you have lost your income, or had it drastically reduced, affecting your ability to support yourself and your family, or that your 9-5 job security is on thin ice. So we have made an immediate decision to make our course as accessible and affordable as we can to you during this time in order to lend a hand. 

So starting now through April 15th, we’re going as low as we can go and making our $997 course available for $99. (We’d give it for FREE if we could but need to make sure our team is cared for and keep the lights on over here too!). We’ve also set it up so you can split your payment into 3 monthly charges of $33, with the normal payment plan fees waived. 

And if you’re doing a little better than most during this time, we would encourage you to pay it forward and choose the option to sponsor a woman who is in financial crisis. If you are one of those women who’s in financial crisis, please be brave and send us a message via social media direct message, or email us at hello@wildernestwomen.com to let us know what’s going on and we’ll work on getting you taken care of. 

We love you, we’re here for you, and please remember to throw kindness around like confetti and lean on your sisters during this time.

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