Are you finding it hard to concentrate during the day? Mind wandering, foot tapping, to-do list getting longer? With all that 2020 has brought it’s a no brainer that our minds are going to be wandering elsewhere and will change us in ways unimaginable right now. Therefore the approach in which we enter our workspace or headspace absolutely needs to adapt.

To be able to focus on your day and tasks at hand it is crucial to tap into what fuels a powerful mindset into being productive, energized and inspired. First, we need to look at uniting energy inwards; finding your breath, feeling your muscles, waking up the spine and discovering that central resolve.

This is where we’ll begin.

Welcome to the concept of Mindset Movement; a beautiful combination of breath and movement. Eighteen minutes of intentional breathing, muscle activations and isolation holds, inspired from many different training disciplines and merged into a juicy flow to enhance your brains capability and your peachy bottom! But don’t fret this isn’t a strenuous burpee flying kick type of workout, think slow, controlled and engaging but with a certain dose of muscle twitches and maybe a slight sheen of sweat.

My friends, this is what will strengthen your attention!

Let me give you an insight into my methodology and why I vow that this string of movements I have put together will truly have a profound result for the body and the mind.

First of all, movement is energy and the more you move the more energised you will feel, all it takes is an 18-minute session of movement that gets your blood pumping for your body to produce more energy on a cellular level through neuroplasticity. Its bloody beautiful proven science; the brain has the ability to improve itself with increased blood flow and levels of brain derived protein. By moving intentionally, we also trigger the release of those gorgeous endorphins and serotonin which improve the prioritizing functions of the brain as well as happiness. Improving your ability to sort out priorities, allowing you to block out distractions and be more positive.

Basically, exercise is the “Miracle Gro” for your brain!

I have put together a gorgeous flowing workout video that serves your mind and body and second of all, this “workout” will leave you chomping at the bit to get shit done.

Here is why the specific types of movements I have used are so darn important:

• Flowing: following short combinations of movement and moving your body efficiently through space improves brain function and boosts memory, again linked to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to form new neural connections to change and adapt. But also, on a more emotional level flowing through choreography, it allows you to shut off from the outside world and revel in the moment… you can’t be thinking about what your cats’ best friends having for dinner when you are mid performance! And this attentiveness boosts concentration, clarity and creativity.

• The flows are specifically designed around activating muscles that contribute to good form. We are switching on the hamstrings, large back muscles, abdominals and glutes, therefore providing you with a switched-on postural alignment. Keeping you alert, focused and decreasing the wandering mind.

• We hold moves in isolation which has an incredible calming effect on the brain helping with anxiety. Again, it comes back to single focus, when holding a position- even though it is only for 4 deep breaths long – we have a moment of stillness both for the mind and body and that equates to a forced tranquillity (even if it is burning ya quads!)

And lastly, but oh so importantly, breathe!

Have you noticed that when you need to concentrate, we tend to hold our breath? Try threading a needle and breathing at the same time, it just doesn’t work. Breath is the pinnacle of our focus and by honing in on that to start a workout, starts a gorgeous chain of attention and emphasis on the current. Breathing to concentrate on your breathing turns into breathing to concentrate on your posture, your muscles, your movement… and after that flame has been lit it keeps on burning. Deep breathing releases Noradrenaline into the bloodstream enhancing your attention to detail and improves overall brain health by promoting the growth of new neural connections.

So, there you have it, my what, whys and hows.

Now head on over to give my little workout with a big impact a go. Try by first completing the whole video and when the need arises you can bust out one of the two short flows throughout your working day. I promise you the effects will be immediate and oh so rewarding.

If you fancy moving to the beat of your own drum, then the formula is easy…

Move intentionally + breathe deeply + isolations for posture = bad ass get shit done boss babe!

And remember, find that mind-muscle connection and you will give yourself your best shot at firing on all cylinders.

I would love to hear what you think and how you get on with this, you can comment below or catch me over on Instagram @Amphibious_Fit or