There has never been so much quiet in our lives…and so much noise. I’ve found this duality of quarantine incredibly interesting and profoundly powerful. Never have we had so much time to ourselves, so much time to go inward, so much time to focus and think about what is truly important to us. And never have we had such a strong instinct to run from that quiet. Because let’s face it, for most of us, this quiet is incredibly uncomfortable and unnerving.

We are so used to distracting ourselves from the quiet, occupying our days with action: with work events or social activities or what I love to call busy-making tasks or even personal development and growth practices. We’re so used to do-ing, that in this state of pause with less things to distract us, we try to find new ways to increase the volume of noise around us so we don’t have to sit in the scary quiet.

I have had multiple conversations with women during this time that are feeling lost and don’t quite know what to do next with their business idea or their work that has been dramatically altered by the crisis at hand.

And the first question I ask them is: Well, what is your gut telling you?
And most of the time, the answer is: I have no idea.

Then the second question I pose is: How much time have you been spending sitting quietly with yourself and your thoughts, versus filling your time with “inputs” – i.e. podcasts, books, TV, activities, busywork, clases, etc.?
And most of the time, the answer is: Barely no time at all.

And then the third question is: Do you know why you’re filling your time instead of sitting in this pause?
And most of the time, the answer is: Well, I don’t like the feeling of quiet. Some shit comes up that I don’t want to deal with/that makes me feel worse/that makes me ask some questions I don’t want to or don’t know how to answer.

But as we have spoken about many-a-times before here, sitting in the space on the edge of your comfort zone is exactly what helps us grow and pushes us to the next evolution of ourselves and our businesses.

Turning down the volume on the noise of the world around us and keeping it down until we learn how to get comfortable in the quiet is the only way we will truly start to hear the voice within – the one that always knows the answer, the one that speaks your higher truth, the one that will guide you toward the direction you are meant to go. When we start listening to this inner voice, our gut, and stop listening to all the noise around us telling us what we should do or feel, a clarity unlike anything we’ve felt before starts to develop.

A clarity about our purpose.

A clarity about our passions.

A clarity about our path.

And with practice, this voice starts to get louder than the external voices, no matter how loud they get around us. We begin to develop a strong inner compass that is less swayed by gurus and experts, well-meaning friends and family, and the status quo we’ve been conditioned to believe as gospel. We begin to trust ourselves and believe that we are on the right path, no matter what anybody else says. We begin to distract ourselves less and focus our energies on our purpose more.

And while there are many ways you can create a structure around this practice, such as meditation, alternative therapies, and self-growth programs, the simplest and most accessible way to start is to just sit, alone, in the quiet, turn off all the external noise in your life, and just lean into the (sometimes extreme) discomfort. Do absolutely nothing (crazy concept, right?!?). See what comes up for you. Notice what thoughts trigger your desire to pick up your phone or turn on Netflix or listen to another podcast. Notice what your gut keeps trying to tell you. The fears that surface. The repetitive thoughts that spiral around in your mind. The things you start to daydream about. The things that make you smile. The people and things and memories that bring you warmth. Write them down. Build this practice into your life by turning it all off, even if it’s just for 10 minutes out of your day and slowly increase it when things become a little less uncomfortable.

I guarantee you, if you don’t run from it and pay attention to the wisdom that is revealed, some really cool shit is going to come up for you. And when you reflect upon it all, you’ll start to notice some patterns. And those patterns will start to come together to create big flashing neon signs that will guide you in the direction you are meant to go – in life and in your career. And the best part about it is that it will be you who’s telling you what you should be doing, not anybody else.

This global pandemic has given us the gift of a forced pause. It is an invitation and an unprecedented opportunity to take a break from the noise, the hustle, the constant motion, and the ever-present need to achieve. And if we are brave enough to embrace this gift, instead of choosing to run from it, the chances are pretty damn high that we will come out the other side of this crisis more balanced, with a stronger sense of self, and with a beautiful clarity and focus on creating a business that is truly, madly, deeply in alignment with our most authentic purpose.


stephanie goldfinger

CEO/ Creative Director

Bali, Indonesia / USA / Earth

Stephanie always knew in her gut that the traditional way of doing things didn’t vibe with her heart. She craved purpose, lived for creativity, desired freedom, and wanted to find something that spoke to her soul, not everyone else’s. She founded Wildernest to guide women through their journeys, empower them to have the courage to brave the wilderness of business ownership, and help them harness their power to create real change in their lives, the lives around them, and the world.

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