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Squarespace vs Shopify: A simplified comparison for small businesses

If you’re looking to sell products on your website, two main e-commerce Content Management Systems (CMS) fare at the top of the list: Squarespace and Shopify.

Sure, there are many other options, especially if you need a robust solution for a large-scale e-commerce operation. But as far as bang-for-your-buck choices for small businesses, Squarespace and Shopify are your best two options.

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Networking for Introverts

Hi! My name is Natalie, and I hate networking.

True story: I went to an event at a co-working space a few months ago. There was a bit of networking at the beginning, during which I was, conveniently, “catching up on work”. Then the speakers did their speaking, which was great. Then the organizers said,

“Okay, now we’ll do half an hour more of networking before the second half of the event!”

I hadn’t been having a great day to begin with. And at this point, the words “life is short” and “hot bath” filtered through my brain. And before I knew it, I had packed my bag, grabbed my coat and raced – like, speed-walking fast – out the door.

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Cultivating Creativity: A Collection of Reads and Netflix Binges

We talk a lot about magic here at Wildernest. And, as Director of Alchemy, I am the self-appointed converter of all brilliant base elements into solid digital web gold.

We all struggle with taking the raw ideas floating around in our heads and transforming them into something bursting at the seams with sparkly magic. Whether you’re a natural born creative or a hard and fast logical left-brainer, we all face the curse of the white blank page in the same way. Cultivating a consistent headspace that is ripe for inspiration to strike is essential to making sure you’re ready to create when that bolt of creative lightning hits.

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4 Tips to Land Press Coverage for your New Business

Let’s start with the basics: in marketing and PR, there are three main categories for getting the word out about your business.

  1. Earned media
  2. Owned media
  3. Paid media.

Owned media is content you own/control. Examples of owned media include your company website, your blog, your newsletter/email list, and your social media accounts.

Paid media is pretty straightforward: it’s media you pay for. Examples include online and traditional media ads, paid listings, and sponsored content. You can use paid media to promote or supplement your other two media categories.

Earned media is the category you have least control over, and may include things like product reviews, a write-up in a publication about your business, mentions in someone else’s article or blog, or being quoted for a story on something you’re an expert about.

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Step Away From the Computer (after you read this)

I’ve been plotting my inaugural Wildernest blog post for the past few days. It had to be brilliant! Inspiring! Pithy! It needed to make readers want to stand up and applaud! Get off their asses and tear after their dreams! Then, yesterday, I spent the day at a cottage by a lake. There is no cell reception at this cottage, so for a whole 5 hours, I was “cut off” from “the world”. My friend went off to pick up some supplies, and I sat in the sun alone, on the deck, doing nothing. Remember nothing? Read More

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