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Lead Magnet Ideas for Lead Generation

One of the most common goals I hear from clients when we first start discussing their marketing issues is that they’d like to grow their email opt-in list and/or generate more leads. They know they need to work on their marketing funnels but don’t really know where to start. And with the endless information on funnels, lead magnets, and software tools out there, it seems more complicated than it actually is – so I’m here to break it down for you into two, simple to execute steps. Read More

The Best Inspirational Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram is often the first touch point with a potential customer, partner, or investor – in some industries even before they lay eyes on your website – and your business only has one chance to make a first impression. But that first impression is often squandered with muddy messaging, in-your face non-stop sales, missed opportunities for connection, and content that is not well-thought out or visually unappealing. Read More

Content Marketing Basics: Topical and Seasonal Content

In my last post, I covered the benefits of evergreen content marketing and gave some examples of different types of posts you can create. Today I’ll be covering two other categories of content marketing: Topical and Seasonal. Read More

Sourcing and Prepping Photos for Web

From the image’s mood and quality to the dimensions and file size, the images you choose to represent your brand can make or break (literally and figuratively) your website. Here is a simple guide to the basic elements to consider when curating and embedding any image for the web. Read More

Content Marketing Basics: Creating Evergreen Content

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely struggle with the question of: “What should I blog about?”. You’ve probably heard over and over that you should be blogging more or focusing on content marketing, but you get paralyzed before you even start wondering: What should I even write about?!? Is something topical and timely better? Or something that people can keep coming back to the way to go? Read More

My Favorite (Writing) Things

People often ask which books I recommend about writing. There aren’t many – and I’ll get to why further down – but these ones have changed the way I do everything. A note about these books: I’m all for e-readers, but when it comes to these books, I strongly suggest getting hard copies. You’ll want to underline them, bookmark them, love them, curl up with them, store them in your library, and then get new copies to give to friends. They’ll become a part of your work, and their physical presence will become important. Read More

5 Free Online Design Tools to Make Your Website Design Shine

We all want a website that leaps off the screen. But sometimes, especially in the early stages, hiring a professional designer isn’t in the cards (or the budget).  You can make your end product infinitely more beautiful and professional looking by playing with the following 5 easy-to-use, completely free online design tools and programs. Bonus: they’re not just for elevating your website design – you can use these tools to make social media graphics, marketing collateral, promotional materials, and pretty much anything your little budding creative heart desires! Read More

5 Free Marketing Tools Every New Entrepreneur Should Use

As an entrepreneur, you know that marketing is important. You also know that marketing costs can add up fast, especially once you start factoring in paid advertising and software. For entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or who are budget-conscious, here are some powerful, free marketing tools you can add to your marketing mix. Read More

How to Change Your Story (and change your life)

My thoughts can be vicious little f*ckers. I mean, supposedly I’m the writer here. But if I could farm out the scenarios my thoughts come up with and sell them to Warner Bros, I’d be sitting in a bathtub full of ethically-mined diamonds.

“You’re going to fail at that!”

“Do you have any idea how ridiculous you’ll look?”

“Why are you even bothering?”

Almost every scenario is worst-case. And the thing about thoughts, if we believe them, is that we react to them. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Read More

WordPress vs. Squarespace: A Simplified Comparison for Small Businesses

Which Content Management System (CMS) is right for my business?

Should I use WordPress or Squarespace or Shopify?

These are the most common inquiries we get here at Wildernest from people starting their businesses. If you’re planning on selling things directly from your website, I’ve got you covered in my last post: Squarespace vs Shopify: A Simplified Comparison for Small Businesses.

But if you’re not planning on selling things, your best options shift to a choice between WordPress or Squarespace. Below I’ll cover the highest level points you should consider when making your decision:

Read More

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