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Women-Owned Small Business Week Feature: Millier Law

In celebration of Small Business Week (May 5-11), Wildernest is highlighting the stories of some amazing women-owned businesses. Please join us in the movement to #shoplocal and #supportwomen!

We are so excited to introduce you to Jennifer Millier, the brave and bold litigator who took the leap from the 9-5 life to start her own law firm: her way. Joining the ranks of only about 300 women-owned law firms in the United States, Jennifer is an inspiration to all of us in knowing that the status quo does not need to persist–especially in a traditionally male-dominated profession that values endless billable hours, life-threatening stress and fatigue, and pervasive aggression. We’re proud to call her a client, and a dear friend.
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Women-Owned Small Business Week Feature: Hot For Food Blog

In celebration of Small Business Week (May 5-11), Wildernest is highlighting the stories of some amazing women-owned businesses. Please join us in the movement to #shoplocal and #supportwomen!

We are so excited to introduce you to Lauren Toyota, the hilarious Canadian genius behind Hot For Food Blog, our all-time favorite vegan recipe creator, award-winning and best-selling cookbook author of Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes To Feed Your Face, and YouTube cooking video darling. Read More

Women-Owned Small Business Week Feature: Craft Sierra Madre

In celebration of Small Business Week (May 5-11), Wildernest is highlighting the stories of some amazing women-owned businesses. Please join us in the movement to #shoplocal and #supportwomen!

Arianna Reel, owner of Craft Sierra Madre – a modern craft supply and DIY workspace in Sierra Madre, California – is a badass babe on a mission to do scary shit and make the world a more crafty place along the way. She created Craft to foster every kind of creative art form imaginable (including workshops on vulgar embroidery – we die – and watercolor cacti painting) through hands-on experiences that cater to everyone from little kids to adults. The space is stocked with a carefully curated selection of DIY supplies for all making needs, and designed with the intention of building a space to create, be inspired, and develop community. We asked Arianna about what it’s like to run a local business, who inspires her, and the unique trials and advantages she’s experienced as a woman-owned business:

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How to reduce the busy-ness in your business

Like most people, when I start my work day my first instinct is to check my email. I tell myself I’m checking for anything urgent that came in last night that may need immediate attention. However, this can very quickly lead me down a rabbit hole of replying to all my emails and soon I’ve lost control of my morning. Was that really the best use of time? What happened to my goals and my to-do list for the day? How did I get so busy? Read More

What a Brand Should Look for in an Influencer Marketing Partner

Whether or not a business should work with influencers and micro-influencers to promote their brand is a pretty hot topic these days. While there can be many benefits to influencer marketing like reaching a new audience, building backlinks and building a (positive) reputation – there can also be drawbacks. These hidden hindrances can include cost, time to execute and a potential negative effect on your brand reputation if you partner with a certain influencer, so it’s important you thoroughly research your potential partner and choose someone that truly fits with your brand’s identity. Read More

Business Mentors: Your personal panel of promoters

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again about the value of having a mentor. That’s because it’s actually is really, super important! Personally, I am a big believer in having a few business mentors and what some have described as having your own Personal Board of Directors. The more the merrier, right?!

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How to Make the Most of your Business Instagram Bio

The tiny little circular photo, a single link, a location, a contact, and a 150 character description that make up your Business Instagram bio are some of the most powerful tools at your disposal for converting users to fans to customers in less than the 30 seconds it takes to scan the 1” spot on a phone screen. Make the most of the small but mighty space with these simple tips. Read More

Lead Magnet Ideas for Lead Generation

One of the most common goals I hear from clients when we first start discussing their marketing issues is that they’d like to grow their email opt-in list and/or generate more leads. They know they need to work on their marketing funnels but don’t really know where to start. And with the endless information on funnels, lead magnets, and software tools out there, it seems more complicated than it actually is – so I’m here to break it down for you into two, simple to execute steps. Read More

The Best Inspirational Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram is often the first touch point with a potential customer, partner, or investor – in some industries even before they lay eyes on your website – and your business only has one chance to make a first impression. But that first impression is often squandered with muddy messaging, in-your face non-stop sales, missed opportunities for connection, and content that is not well-thought out or visually unappealing. Read More

Content Marketing Basics: Topical and Seasonal Content

In my last post, I covered the benefits of evergreen content marketing and gave some examples of different types of posts you can create. Today I’ll be covering two other categories of content marketing: Topical and Seasonal. Read More

**Special COVID19 crisis e-course pricing assistance**

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its global impact, we are currently completely focused on what we can do to best support each other - our community, our families, and our fellow wild women. As we all navigate this crisis, we want you to know that we’re in your corner, and we want to do our part to help you find some hope and to feel empowered as you find your way forward to a new normal. While social distancing and quarantines have many downsides, the most valuable resource we all have right now is extra time, and if we take advantage of that extra time by working hard on our dreams we all may just be able to turn some sour-ass lemons into some Beyonce-level Lemonade. And we are in a unique position to help you do just that with our Nest for Success ecourse, which helps you work through every step of laying the foundation for your dream business - culminating in the creation of your very own business plan (COVID be damned!). Our hope is that this course will help you utilize this time to truly evaluate what is possible for your future, to start thinking big, and begin laying the essential groundwork for building the company and life of your dreams when the dust of the pandemic settles.

As small business owners ourselves who have all been impacted by the crisis, we know that right now finances are scary and the future of your work may be shaky. We’ve been talking with a lot of you behind the scenes and know that many of you have lost your income, or had it drastically reduced, affecting your ability to support yourself and your family, or that your 9-5 job security is on thin ice. So we have made an immediate decision to make our course as accessible and affordable as we can to you during this time in order to lend a hand. 

So starting now through April 15th, we’re going as low as we can go and making our $997 course available for $99. (We’d give it for FREE if we could but need to make sure our team is cared for and keep the lights on over here too!). We’ve also set it up so you can split your payment into 3 monthly charges of $33, with the normal payment plan fees waived. 

And if you’re doing a little better than most during this time, we would encourage you to pay it forward and choose the option to sponsor a woman who is in financial crisis. If you are one of those women who’s in financial crisis, please be brave and send us a message via social media direct message, or email us at hello@wildernestwomen.com to let us know what’s going on and we’ll work on getting you taken care of. 

We love you, we’re here for you, and please remember to throw kindness around like confetti and lean on your sisters during this time.

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