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Don’t Let Your Past Decide Your Future

Reading The Everygirls’ article about the “20-Minute Rule” and the power of taking just 20 minutes to “delete” your grief, losses, or messages of bad news and then moving on, it occurred to me that maybe this was a good approach to more than just coping but also for creating the life you want. Before Wildernest, I was in the process of starting over, having spent my years post-college working in exclusively traditional (read: spirit-squelching) corporate jobs until I left it all… which eventually and unexpectedly led me to meeting the love of my life and moving to Bali (I know, I know – old news if you’ve read my bio).Read More

SEO Basics for Small Businesses on a Budget

As a new small business owner, you may not have much of a marketing budget to work with (maybe even none!). So although you need to help your future customers and clients find your newly launched website to grow, paid advertising is probably not an option right now. What do you do when faced with the challenge of building up a following before you can afford marketing to do so?! Ugh, sounds pretty frustrating, doesn’t it? Read More

Why You Should Never Stop Learning

We all want to know the keys to success and happiness – amiright?! Success is defined in many different ways, but I know many of us root our definitions in wanting to be happy. So how do you foster happiness? How do you guarantee some form of success? And what does learning have to do with any of it?! Below I share some insights I’ve gathered along my own journey and hopefully they spark some motivation in you too!Read More

Help! Do I need to have an MBA to start a business?

I’ve debated for years about going to grad school to get an MBA.

I’ve worked in marketing for more than 10 years with a BA in graphic design. I think I’ve done very well for myself and have learned almost everything I needed to know to perform well in my jobs through experience, a driven curiosity to never stop learning, and knowledge from blogs, books, e-courses, and mentors.

Even with this success, I ask myself, doesn’t it make sense that now that I know what I want to do, that I should invest in the right education? Now that I’ve started a business, shouldn’t I have an MBA? The impostor syndrome kicks in. I decided to do some digging to understand my motivations and goals and asked some business professionals their opinions.

Read More

How to KonMari Your Life

I’m a BIG fan of Marie Kondo. I love her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, because I think she brings a peace and serenity to people and their homes while encouraging us to be mindful of what brings us joy and learn to let go (with gratitude) of those things that no longer serve us. I think it was my mom that first told me about the show and I thought it was brilliant! The KonMari method really resonates with me. Personally, in my home, I try to declutter a few times a year. Especially because my apartment in Singapore is small. So limited space also sort of makes it a requirement. I do it almost seasonally, usually on a Saturday after a long week when I just want to chill but also want to be vaguely productive. But you know, like you and everyone else, I get busy. I travel a lot and things pile up and I tell myself, “I’ll deal with that later” and then when later comes, I’m like, “Why on earth do I still have this?!”

So… being introduced to the KonMari Method, I decided to do it according to her system.Read More

Your Brand is More Than a Logo: 5 other elements of a brand identity

I love designing logos. It tickles me pink to know that the logo I am creating is going to be the face of a company, slapped everywhere for everyone to see! But it wasn’t until I had more experience from years of working with different clients on all sorts of projects, that I understood that a logo is not everything. Your logo is the first thing that people see, but it isn’t ALL they see! Clients come to me and say “I want my logo to represent modern, traditional, fun, serious, sophisticated. I want it to represent my entire brand.” Ha! News Flash, it can’t! I often have to teach clients that a brand is not just a logo, but all the additional pieces that support the logo as well. For example, you can’t just have the conductor of an orchestra. You have to have the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings, led by the conductor, to make the music! Below are five essential elements that make up your brand’s identity in addition to your logo.Read More

B is for Boundaries: How to make yours strong, yet elastic

B is for Boundaries… and Bands (like the rubber ones, not like… Metallica)

Earlier this week, over fries and beer, a friend and I were talking about relationships (our rendezvous did not pass the Bechdel test…) and boundaries were one of the lead actors. Boundaries seem to always come up as one of the most complex concepts in relationships and the most advised upon as well. “Set your boundaries hard and fast. They’re the walls that protect you and show that your partner respects you.” Versus, “Be fluid and understanding. If you focus on your boundaries, all of your attention will go to them and you’ll just be waiting for someone to stumble upon them unawares.” Read More

Website Launch Planning: How to conquer your overwhelming to-do list

So you’re ready to launch a website for your business! Well if we’re being honest, it’s probably more accurate to say you want or need a website but aren’t necessarily feeling *ready* to put yourself out there. I get it – it can be a daunting undertaking and one that’s easier to dread and put off than plan and accomplish. Creating a website (and all the supporting items you’ll need to go with it) is no small feat. There’s plenty to do and even if you’ve got some help from your team or ours at Wildernest, there are a lot of assets to collect, decisions to make, and communication and feedback required. Read More

Hey, Boss Lady! Why business acumen is the key to your success

There are more female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies right now than ever before… which sounds so exciting, I know! That is, until you realize that it’s only 33 out of 500, an underwhelming 6.6%. So why are women having such a hard time moving up the ranks in these large corporations? And why is there a consistent underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurial endeavors? Obviously, it’s not because women are any less qualified or capable than men. Duh! So there must be something missing…right?!Read More

Where Are the Fireworks? How to cope with post-launch crickets

I will not sugar coat this for a single moment: building a business is HARD.

From the moment you start to take your golden egg of an idea seriously, you’ll be tested. You’ll work harder than you ever have. You’ll pour everything you have – mind, body, and soul – into birthing this new (ad)venture. You’ll spend a lot of money, you’ll eat a lot of takeout, you’ll even fall asleep on your laptop once or twice. You’ll hit major roadblocks and face delays and sometimes even have Godzilla stomp through your village. Read More

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