If you get our newsletter, you already know my big love for Dustin Garis’ Ted Talk: Pursuit of a Memorable Life. In it, Dustin asks:

How many days of the last month do you actually remember?

Most people on average only remember about 3 days of every month. This is because we are often on cognitive autopilot, doing the same things day in and day out – and this routine-based lifestyle is linked to tragic levels of global unhappiness, dissatisfaction at work, and a higher likelihood of premature death.

If you only remember 3 days a month, that means you remember only about a month TOTAL of every single year. And that, ladies, is so very sad to me.

The remedy? To shift both the way you measure success and your life focus to the pursuit of a memorable life (a trait shared by many of the most powerful innovators and social change makers in the world) – measured in what he calls “life profit.”

In business, we know how many impressions we have, how many likes and comments on our posts, our total dollar amount of sales, but how much life profit have we created for our customers, our employees, or our community? How are we enriching their lives as a company?

When we start to focus on life profit just as much as financial profit, our business will make a greater impact on the people we serve, creating more powerful company culture and brand loyalty.

The best part? You’re building your company YOUR way, so if you decide to put this new priority on the front burner, you will create some serious life profit with your own unique stamp all over it!

Here are 4 ways that you can start increasing life profit for your people:

1. Focus on your WHY

Whenever you are creating anything, whether it be a product, service, campaign, or initiative, always come back to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Why did you start the company in the first place? What is your own personal purpose, and how does that intersect with your company’s purpose? When you focus on why you do what you do, rather than what you do or how you do it, your authentic and aligned message will shine through. And when you connect to this higher purpose, you will deliver some serious life profit to everyone around you.

2. Remember your Target Persona

You are nothing without your people – there’s a reason why “fans” so often top the list of people thanked during Oscars and Grammys acceptance speeches. Remember who you’re doing it all for – and remember what THEY care about, what THEY need, and what problems THEY need solved. If you have those things at the top of mind when you create and execute everything in your business, the resulting life profit for your target personas will always be high.

3. Shake it Up

The most innovative companies and leaders are known to mix up their routines on the regular, seek outside perspectives and out-of-the-norm experiences, and zoom out in order to think of new, creative ways of approaching problems. Not only does this habit bring innovative ideas and products into this world, but it also creates some incredible, highly memorable daily moments in both their lives and those around them. So, even if it is just once a day, do something that breaks your normal habits and see what kind of life profit you can generate in the process.

4. Lead by Example, and with Joy

Don’t forget that when you build your own company, you are building your VERY own dream life. And what good is that if you aren’t finding joy in what you’re doing? When you love what you do, it’s wildly evident to not only the people that work with and for you, but for your customers too – and we all know that kind of joy is infectious. So start a revolution from within, and show the world what creating a high life-profit business of your dreams can look like.


stephanie goldfinger

CEO/ Creative Director

Bali, Indonesia / USA / Earth

Stephanie always knew in her gut that the traditional way of doing things didn’t vibe with her heart. She craved purpose, lived for creativity, desired freedom, and wanted to find something that spoke to her soul, not everyone else’s. She founded Wildernest to guide women through their journeys, empower them to have the courage to brave the wilderness of business ownership, and help them harness their power to create real change in their lives, the lives around them, and the world.

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