“When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear”

As social distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns worldwide have started to become our new norm, I’ve also started to see the initial shock lifting around me, and have heard from others  that they are just starting to find the space to finally have enough breathing room and time to sit back and re-evaluate what you really want out of life and dream about what your future is going to look like after this. 

When I lost my dream photography project two weeks ago due to the global travel ban, the first thing I did (after crying it out for a full half day )was immediately think of you. Yes, YOU!

Let me explain: My heart broke into a million pieces thinking about so many people who had also lost their source of income or their passion projects or their security – the people that didn’t have backup plans or safety nets, or even the experience of working for themselves to leverage scrappy alternative skillsets like I’m lucky enough to be able to lean on. I immediately knew that the one thing my team and I at Wildernest had to do was to help offer some support, however we could.

Lisa and I quickly got on the phone and without delay decided to re-open our Nest for Success e-course, even though we hadn’t planned on opening it again until summer. The other thing we quickly agreed on was to help alleviate the financial burden so many people are facing at the moment, and so we agreed to offer the e-course at a super affordable price so anyone could leverage the benefits contained within it, and even added a sponsorship component to enable others with the means to buy the course for someone who needed a helping hand.

This offering is not about us making a profit right now- we just want to cover our costs – it’s about making sure we’re sharing a tool that we know can help bring you hope for a light at the end of the tunnel right now. 

Our Nest for Success digital course has everything you’ll need to take the first step toward turning your dreams into a REAL DEAL profitable, protected, and purpose-driven business.

You’ll get 10 video training modules, a 200+ page course workbook, and a community of brilliant women going through the process right along with you.

We’ll walk you through our step-by-step methodology and give some serious expert guidance to help you confidently build a solid foundation for business success – everything from defining your dream life and business, to creating the perfect name and brand story, to identifying and connecting with your target audience, to getting your legal and financial ducks in a row! You’ll walk away with a badass business plan fully ready to guide every step of your journey moving forward.

For a course preview, pricing, and all the details on what you’ll learn (and what people who have taken the course are saying!), visit our Nest For Success E-Course page.

Our hope is that it will be a way for you to quickly take action on building a business of your very own, and to begin laying the foundation for a new way of living and working. We want the e-course to be a tool to bring the skills and motivation to create a brighter future lived on your own terms, and maybe even serve as a distraction – a way to focus on something positive, to hope for a better life, as the world seems to only bringing more uncertainty all around.

While it would be easy and totally understandable to spiral into despair and fear right now, my wish for you is that instead you’ll view this time as a gift, and take advantage of this universal pause (once you start to feel a little more grounded) to lay the foundation today for your dream life one year (and beyond!) from today – whatever that means for you. 

If you want to get somewhere fast, go it alone. If you want to go far, go together. Come join the journey with us and so many other brave women!

Sending you all lots of love and hope you stay safe and healthy as you start to dream big.



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stephanie goldfinger

CEO/ Creative Director

Bali, Indonesia / USA / Earth

Stephanie always knew in her gut that the traditional way of doing things didn’t vibe with her heart. She craved purpose, lived for creativity, desired freedom, and wanted to find something that spoke to her soul, not everyone else’s. She founded Wildernest to guide women through their journeys, empower them to have the courage to brave the wilderness of business ownership, and help them harness their power to create real change in their lives, the lives around them, and the world.

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