February’s a fun month full of love, conversation hearts, Galentine’s Day and Passion!

Passion is a fun one because it’s not just for the bedroom! There are passions that we’re all innately meant to pursue, those passions that make us want to spring out of bed in the morning and that keep us awake at night. Life is way too short not to live one you’re in love with, so it’s pretty important to find that special something (or things!) that makes you feel alive sooner than later.

If you already know what lights your soul on fire, then you’re a huge step ahead of most. If not, don’t worry – we’ll help you find your passion below!

Passions vs Hobbies

Whenever you’re asked about your favorite hobbies or what you’re passionate about, do you ever find yourself a little stumped on what the difference is between the two? You’re not alone.

Simply put, hobbies are meant to be fun, relaxing things you do to fill your time- especially things that help you de-stress or connect with others. You get to them when you have spare time, but often they aren’t A #1 on your priority list.

A passion, on the other hand, is like a soulmate – you can’t live without it. It’s not something to fill your time but something that makes you feel absolutely fulfilled. Something you love and live for, and have an overwhelming desire to pursue no matter what stands in your way. No matter how hard it may be to go after that passion, or how difficult it gets to pursue, there’s still that fire that burns inside of you that won’t let you give up – keeping it near-and-dear to your heart.

Finding your Passion

You know the nights where you lay in bed restless, unable to sleep and switch off your mind? Or where your mind drifts during the day? This is when your mind is racing with thoughts from deep within your subconscious. It’s something you can’t shut up about once you get started talking about it with your close friends, because it is so deeply rooted within ourselves.

I personally love to ask people what they’re passionate about because I love to know what makes them tick, but also to see that fire deep within their souls manifest as the light in their eyes when they talk about it. It’s like you’re watching them talk about someone they love with all their heart and soul.

Now that passion could be anything from helping bring accessible healthcare to under resourced countries or pursuing gender equality, mastering the art of cooking or painting or taekwondo, or finding ways to end homelessness.

Take a moment, reflect on what you love, and write down the answers to these questions to help you discover and identify your truest passions.

    1. What’s something that, when immersed in it, you completely lose track of time?
    2. What’s a problem in the world that you’d love to fix?
    3. What would you be willing to do for nothing? (if you didn’t have to worry about money)
    4. What difference do you want to make in this world? (small or large) remembered?

Making Magic

Many of us get stuck in the cycle of doing what we think we’re supposed to be doing for work rather than what we really are destined to do. A lucky few will truly be able to harness their passion and turn it into their true career calling. You know you’ve hit the jackpot when you can make money doing it (you know the saying… love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life)!

When it comes to passion, I don’t believe you have to have one true calling. It’s possible you can have a number of passions and be a “multi-passionate” person. But the idea is not to hold yourself back. Relentlessly pursue whatever lights your soul on fire!

But remember to be easy on yourself in the process. Just like you can’t overhaul your entire self in a day, your path to turning your passion into a career will take time as well. The key is to keep moving forward, day by day, to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you by spreading your passion far and wide. And when you’re pursuing something so completely in line with your soul’s calling, you’ll never give up on it no matter what gets thrown in your way!

Stay passionate, Ladies!


lisa val verde



During her 10+ years marketing everything from concept to commercialization on a global landscape, Lisa has found that her greatest opportunity is to empower and encourage any woman with a burning passion and a desire for change to pursue whatever lights her spirit on fire. With Wildernest, Lisa is able to help other women break down their own walls to achieve their full potential, and enable a community of passionate women to create thriving businesses and become catalysts for change.

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