So you wanna know how to build your business in your pajamas (or any attire of your choosing)? The answer is really simple.

First off, to build your business, you’re gonna need to learn all the important steps to create it. We don’t recommend any shortcuts. Second, in order to take out all the excuses of pursuing your dream, what if that process was made really easy? As in being able to do this in the comfort of your own home, AKA… in your cozy pajamas?! So we created an e-course. Just for you!

So, what’s an e-course you ask? An e-course is made of pre-recorded videos providing an accessible, online learning experience for anyone looking to learn a new skill. They’re developed by professionals who are typically fun and engaging and can provide a mix of both the theoretical background and real-world examples to effectively teach any concept. There are some huge advantages to taking an e-course. Here’s a quick little summary for ya:

Convenience Factor: Learn Anytime, Anywhere

If you’re a busy person (and nowadays, who isn’t?!), e-courses provide a super convenient, on-demand way to learn just about anything. And since the environment will teach you anything you truly want to learn, you don’t have to go far! Whether you want to learn how to wrap a gift like a boss or build your own business and become one! There’s something for everyone! Plus since everything is online, there’s no need to go anywhere. You can learn from your favorite coffee shop if you want to get out of the house or just learn from your comfy sofa… hence the pajamas I promised before!

Fun Factor: Learning Can Be Fun

E-courses, when done right, can be really entertaining. Video content, paired with interesting instruction and highly visual workbooks, gives a more complete picture of things rather than just the large lecture format like we had back in college. Since we live in this digital age and sadly, yet truthfully, our attention spans are optimized for 12 minute intervals, you can also press “pause” on that instructor anytime you need to take a bio break, make some more tea, or just come back to it when you’re ready again!

Budget Factor: Learn Without Breaking the Bank

With all the DIY information available online there’s so much we can do for ourselves without requiring over the top training! E-courses offer a significantly more affordable approach to learning. PLUS, you can start anytime the e-course is offered rather than only during academic years. So in the case of learning about business or how to start a business, the cost of an MBA degree can vary, but the average tuition for a two-year MBA program is anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 (for a top tier business school). That’s A LOT of money and a lot of time. And don’t forget how much your time is a precious form of currency too!

Nest for Success E-course

So given all of this and our mission to help as many women as we can to pursue the life and business of their dreams, we created our Next for Success e-course and we just know you’re going to love it!

This course gives you a step-by-step methodology and expert guidance on everything you need to confidently navigate through the wilderness of business ownership. Everything from defining your dream life and business, to creating the perfect name and thoughtful business plan, understanding how to identify and connect with your target audience, getting your legal and financial ducks in a row, and building a solid foundation for business success.

Learn more and sign up here. Registration begins next week and will close January 31, 2020. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the waitlist today!


lisa val verde



During her 10+ years marketing everything from concept to commercialization on a global landscape, Lisa has found that her greatest opportunity is to empower and encourage any woman with a burning passion and a desire for change to pursue whatever lights her spirit on fire. With Wildernest, Lisa is able to help other women break down their own walls to achieve their full potential, and enable a community of passionate women to create thriving businesses and become catalysts for change.

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