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4 Totally Counter-Intuitive Tricks to Keep Up Your Motivation Momentum

We’re 3 weeks into the new year. Hopefully it’s been as productive as you thought it would be. Hopefully that goal planning session you did at the end of last year got you motivated and headed in the right direction. Hopefully you’re keeping your eye on the prize and cruising full steam ahead with the same gusto and passion you had on January 1. Hopefully…

But that’s all easier said than done, isn’t it? We head into the new year with so much inspiration and conviction that this is the year we’re going to do things differently – this is the year we break toxic patterns and metamorphose into a beautiful ass-kicking butterfly.Read More

Build a Business in Your Pajamas (Seriously)

So you wanna know how to build your business in your pajamas (or any attire of your choosing)? The answer is really simple.

First off, to build your business, you’re gonna need to learn all the important steps to create it. We don’t recommend any shortcuts. Second, in order to take out all the excuses of pursuing your dream, what if that process was made really easy? As in being able to do this in the comfort of your own home, AKA… in your cozy pajamas?! So we created an e-course. Just for you!

So, what’s an e-course you ask? An e-course is made of pre-recorded videos providing an accessible, online learning experience for anyone looking to learn a new skill. They’re developed by professionals who are typically fun and engaging and can provide a mix of both the theoretical background and real-world examples to effectively teach any concept. Read More

How to Start Dreaming Big for your Future

At Wildernest, we see far too many women with a vision for their “dream business,” without thinking through how that dream business aligns with their actual dream life.

Often our minds get constrained by thinking about how to pursue our dream only in the context of our present lives. But that’s not dreaming big. That’s just trying to fit one more thing into your current, maybe never-ending, to-do list. And when that happens, it’s more than likely that if and when we actually do decide to pursue our dream business, we fall into the pattern of doing things the same way we did when we were working for someone else, because it’s all we know. We replicate the same systems, schedule, and style that we tried to escape from, only to end up feeling a lot of the same things that made us want to leave in the first place.Read More

You’re Worth It: 7 Ways to Invest in YOURSELF This Year

The holidays are behind us, and it’s a new year and a brand new decade. Phew! I hope you’re feeling renewed, lighter, and super inspired to start fresh! Many of us are taking the opportunity to look ahead with some clarity and make goals for the future. And as an entrepreneur, or what I might call a “near future entrepreneur” if you’re planning to take the leap this year into business ownership, then on top of just personal resolutions you’re probably also thinking about how you want to invest in your business and improve your finances.

The term “invest” is usually used in reference to property, shares, financial commitment, or a purchase. But your most valuable asset isn’t your house, 401k, or a family heirloom you’ll unexpectedly get rich from on The Antiques Roadshow — it’s you, babe! Just like anything else that you hope will appreciate in value over time, you need to invest in it. However, investing in ourselves is not often something we budget for, or make a priority. And I’m not just talking about self care (although that’s important and we’ll talk about that later). When you’re an entrepreneur you ARE your business, and your greatest asset is your ability to earn more. So, how are you investing in yourself?

Read More

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Believe it or not, you’re already a CEO. You’re the CEO of your own amazing life. And I bet you want it to be successful, right? I mean, don’t we all?!

I hear all the time from people who say they want all kinds of things in life yet their actions show something so different. I’m even guilty of this in certain aspects of my own life.

But if you wanted something so much… for so long… what’s holding you back? If you want to travel to a new country or start a business, why haven’t you? It’s funny that no matter how much we may want something and know it could be great for us, there’s a little subconscious fear looming in the back of our minds. And as “little” as this thing could be, it starts to present itself in the form of self-doubt and starts to convince us that there is something off if we’re not 100% committed. Maybe it’s the classic fear of failure or even the fear of success lurking within you. Are you unintentionally holding yourself back?

Read More

ONE Simple Step to find your Target Market

Everyone’s inclination when starting a business is to cast a wide net. Often when starting a business, you’re doing so from a scarcity mindset. You think, “I need whatever client I can get. I need to start making money. I need to start growing my business. So anyone that comes my way, I want to take them on as a client. The wider my audience is, the more likely it is that I’ll find someone. If everyone is my audience, I’m going to bump into them every day.” But, surprisingly, the reality is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. The most effective thing you can do to grow your business and have a successful business is to get incredibly specific about who your target audience is. When you get super clear, you’re able to get super targeted in where you go, how you talk about your business, and where you find your future fans and clients.

Read More

4 Essential Agreements to Protect Your Business

It’s officially holiday season! And in honor of the season of giving, we’re starting off the month of December with a little gift. No, it’s none of the things Eartha Kitt requests in Santa Baby (although we wouldn’t be opposed to a ‘54 convertible too, light blue!), but hopefully what we’ve got will serve you for years to come in all your world-changing business ventures.

In our e-course (launching soon so stay tuned!), we walk you through crafting the top two essential agreements you need to have in place when starting your company, namely the Operating and Partnership Agreements. We know having those tough conversations with your potential partner(s) can be stressful, but we gave you a conversation agreement to follow so that it could be as painless and productive as possible. But it doesn’t end there! In order to fully protect yourself and your biz, there are plenty more agreements you need in place depending on your business structure, industry, etc. You’ll have to decide what’s right for you, but we always believe it’s better to put more work in from the get-go and not scramble to handle it later when it’s urgent. Here are the four major agreements you might need to consider when launching the secure, profitable business of your dreams!

Read More

Support Women-Owned Businesses This Small Business Saturday

In case you blinked, we’re fast approaching the holiday season! Your busy schedule is about to be even more packed with work parties, family get-togethers, and other celebrations. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but you’re wondering how to find the time to shop for meaningful gifts for all these special occasions. Before you jump at all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I encourage you to think about the small businesses and women-owned businesses you can support on Small Business Saturday this weekend, throughout the holiday shopping season, and beyond.

Read More

Shake it Off: Shift your perspective to get out of a creative rut

I once dated a guy who got really upset because I was eating my dinner one night with my hands instead of the “proper” knife and fork. He was so embarrassed and his mind boggled, sighing: “Why can’t you just eat like a normal person, Stephanie? It’s so gross.”

Now, this man had never traveled outside of the United States, particularly to places where eating certain dishes with your hands IS what “normal” people do. Places where people would look at him and think he was a crazy person for using utensils.

So often we become completely entrenched in the perspectives (and guidelines to how things “should” be done) of our home country, our education, our corporate training, and our culture, that we often see the world through a single, tunnel-visioned lens. We get set in our ways of doing things, stay inside our perspective bubble, and approach the world with a singular, often limiting, viewpoint. We get stuck thinking our way is the “right” or “only” way.

Read More

If You Can Plan a Dinner Party, You Can Plan a Business

With the holidays coming up, we’re entering the season of get-togethers. I’m hosting my annual Friendsgiving again this year and am always way excited about it! Now, at some point in your life, you’ve also probably coordinated a group event, whether it was a birthday party, bachelorette party, or a dinner party. But have you ever thought about the parallels between planning a dinner party and starting a business? No, probably not. I’m going to take this opportunity to walk you through the essentials of planning a business taking the same approach as planning a kickass dinner party – the kind of dinner party your friends won’t want to leave and can’t wait to come back for the next one!Read More

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